February 28, 2005

The Lebanese Government Has Fallen

The pro-Syrian government of Lebanon fell today, with the resignation of Prime Minister Omar Karami. Fifty thousand Lebanese protesters are calling for the withdrawal of Syrian military forces from Lebanon; Syria's military has been active in Lebanon since the Lebanese Civil War. The protesters gathered in Beirut's Martyr Square, even though the Lebanese Interior Ministry had ordered the military to keep the demonstrations from occurring by any means necessary. Although it's still hard to tell, it looks like Syria will be forced to leave Lebanon and the sovereignty of Lebanon will finally be restored. This is, of course, good news for the Middle East.

It's interesting to note that international pressure has been put on Syria lately, and that this effort has been spearheaded by the United States and France. Hopefully this will serve as a lesson to leaders of both nations that they can accomplish much more together than they can accomplish by themselves.

In the meantime, pray for the people of Lebanon, especially the Lebanese Christians. Our Lady of Lebanon, St. Maron, pray for us.