June 23, 2005


That's the name that quadriplegics call their wheelchair Rugby sport. It's also called Quadrugby, but, having seen a clip of the trailer for that movie, Murderball is a much better name for it.

I've been aware of disabled kids all my life as a teacher in public schools. But they were off in a classroom in the corner of the school. I taught the valedictorian for 15 years running at my school. One time I had a hearing impaired student, but she was brilliant. Her Special Education teachers used to pester me about the accommodations I was making for her and such, but she was making an A in my Advanced Placement English class. Frankly, I forgot she was hard of hearing. She sat on the front row, but she was just another kid in my class. And that's exactly what she wanted to be, too. She was gorgeous, if that matters.

Since then I've become more aware of physical disabilities. Today I became aware of quadriplegics. Today I learned about Murderball, via this program on NPR.

Link: Chick here.

I've had the image of Christopher Reeve as what quadriplegic are, but that is so wrong. Those quads in the video have more ability than I do, and they damn sure have more stamina than I have. And they can experience sexual pleasure, too, which I had previously thought was impossible. If you know, or know of, a quadriplegic, visit that NPR website. I can pretty much guarantee you it will change your mind.