July 31, 2005

Human Rights in Haiti

This morning I happened to check the blog of a good friend, and this is what I read:

I was supposed to begin a two-week visit to the Province of Haiti today, but, citing “the social and political situation of the country,” Brother Joseph Alexandre and the provincial council decided, in prudence, to cancel my visit. An article from Reuters news service last month provides the background for their decision: “A surge of kidnappings for ransom blamed on slum gangs, police officers and bank tellers is terrorizing Haitians and adding to the woes of a nation grappling with political upheaval and desperate poverty.”

In his letter, Brother Joseph, provincial, asked for our prayers during these distressing times. I relay his request to you along with a link to an informative recent report synthesizing what is at issue in Haiti . I urge you to read it and to pass it on to other brothers out of solidarity with our brothers and with the crucified Haitian people.

The blogger is Brother Bernard Couvillion, S.C., Superior General of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. His order runs the high school I attended (as well as many other schools all over the world), and Bernie and I have been friends for over 40 years since we met in school. The link to his blog is this: click here.

I didn't know much about Haiti until I read the link in Bernie's blog, and what I learned from reading it is appalling. I haven't heard or read anything in the media about Haiti in months, and that is appalling, too. I think it's time for Americans and others around the world to raise our consciousness about Haiti and to follow through on the pledges we've made.