July 29, 2005

Those pro-family French

A nice, if a bit short, piece by Paul Krugman in the New York Times today about how the French economy supports the institution of the family better than the American economy. While France has a lower G.D.P per person than the United States (though G.D.P. per hour worked is actually higher) leaving the middle class with less disposable income, the French spend far more time with their families, have better schools over all, and, of course, have excellent health care available to all (indeed, it's health care system is ranked as the best in the world by the World Health Organization).

American conservatives despise European welfare states like France. Yet many of them stress the importance of "family values." And whatever else you may say about French economic policies, they seem extremely supportive of the family as an institution. Senator Rick Santorum, are you reading this?

Or Pope Benedict?

I'd love to see the Holy Father put the same pressure on US lawmakers regarding economic justice for American families as he does regarding abortion and gay marriage.