August 20, 2005

More on Gaza

As the news is all about the Gaza withdrawl these days and the so called "painful sacrifices for peace," I thought I'd direct you all, gentle readers, to the ISM site where they give their perspective on what the pullout from Gaza means. International Solidarity Movement is a group of Israelis, Americans, and Europeans who work with and at the request of Palestinians seeking to resist the Occupation through non-violent means. Part of their job is to inform the world about what is going on in the Occupied Territories and give voice to those who are quite frequently ignored. While Israelis extremists have been given several minutes a night on network news to talk about how much they are suffering having to move, the thousands of Palestinians (and if you include refugees from both the 1948 and 1967 war, we are then talking about over 1 million) who have been forced out of their homes every day are rarely given time at all. And that is what makes groups like ISM so important. Please have a read.