August 10, 2005

Various Announcements

We're sorry to announce that Steve Bogner (Catholicism, holiness and spirituality) has decided to leave us. Steve becomes the first -- and hopefully the last! -- of the four founding members to resign from Sollicitudo Rei Socialis. In his e-mail, Steve mentioned time constraints and also expressed his concern that the blog has moved too far left. I think I can speak for all of the contributors in saying that we understand about the time constraints, and we wish Steve all the best.

On the matter of moving too far to the left, we're still striving to maintain a nonpartisan and non-ideological atmosphere. Our contributing team is composed of one registered Republican, four registered Democrats, two registered Greens, and one registered Independent. Our views range from more moderate to fairly left of center. The social justice focus of each individual contributor tends to differ significantly from other contributors, allowing for a diverse blend of social justice issues and points of view. At the moment, we are seeing the blog lean a bit toward the left, but that's because some of our more leftist contributors (myself included) have been more active in recent days and weeks while our more moderate contributors have been less active due to vacations and other serious time constraints.

Secondly, we'd like to announce that Abby Kraft (Sic Friatur Crustum Dulce) and Joe Cecil (In Today's News) are still with us, but are only able to post on a limited basis due to time constraints.

Finally, we'd also like to announce at this time that Rick Grucza (Faith-Based Politics) has been placed on hiatus. We have unfortunately heard nothing from Rick since the end of May, and he has not posted to his blog since May 31. We're a bit concerned about him and hope to hear from him soon. Until then, we've placed him on hiatus so that our readers will be aware of his status. We would ask all of our readers to keep him and his family in their prayers until we've heard from him.