September 16, 2005


I'm sorry I haven't blogged here for a long time, but we've had six evacuees from Katrina in our home for the last two weeks. They are my sister (Melanie), brother-in-law (Ray), cousin (Janice), and cousin-in-law (Eddie). There are also two dogs: Bianca, a miniature dachsund, and Nicholas, a miniature poodle. Melanie and Ray had about 2 inches of water in their home, and they've been back there. They pulled up carpets and empied refrigerators and freezers, and they have power at their house. They live in St. Charles [civil] Parish in Louisiana, and their daughters and grandson live all over the place. They're all safe, but they really don't know when they will be able to go home.

My cousins are a very different story. They've lived in up-scale Lake View for 43 years, and their house is gone.

We don't know for sure when our guests will leave, and they don't either. This should have never happened in the United States, but we've been having a very good time. That's pretty much what family is about.