September 08, 2005

Those Darn Liberals! Or... Not

That last great bastion of American liberalism, Robert Novak, being the leftist that he is, has taken a blatantly partisan swipe at the federal response to Hurricane Katrina...

The Democrats on the ground, Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, have done little to commend themselves. But that does not excuse the federal performance, in the candid opinion of many Republicans. To start with, these Republicans talk about taking FEMA back from the Homeland Security Department. They agree that heads must roll, certainly Brown's and possibly Chertoff's. Above all, these Republican politicians say, let's get the lawyers out of disaster relief.

Shame on Bob Novak, that darn liberal, for using the devastation of Hurricane Katrina to suit his partisan liberal agenda!

Oh wait... that's right... I forgot. Robert Novak isn't liberal. He's conservative! He's even a Catholic conservative. He's even been known to be -- oh, I don't know, insanely supportive -- of the Bush administration in the past. And he's not satisfied with the federal response to Hurricane Katrina. (Imagine that!) I hope that his fellow conservative Catholics will take note; so far, they haven't.

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