October 27, 2005

Changes Ahead

As you can see if you take a look at our sidebar, a large majority of our contributors have moved on. Most have moved on due to scheduling conflicts; they've just been too busy in their everyday lives to keep up with Sollicitudo Rei Socialis. We wish them all the best, and we look forward to possibly working with them again in the future.

In the days and weeks ahead, we will be approaching other bloggers about joining us as contributing writers. The three of us will continue to update Sollicitudo Rei Socialis in the meantime as we're able to do so. We have scheduled the official relaunch of Sollicitudo Rei Socialis for December 7, coinciding with the fortieth anniversary of the Second Vatican Council's Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World, Gaudium et Spes. We also hope to have our guest blogging program up and running by January 2, 2006. Although we've hit a few bumps along the way, Sollicitudo Rei Socialis goes on, and we hope that you'll continue to stay with us as we recommit ourselves to the peace and justice of the Gospel and officially relaunch our mission to joyfully proclaim that good news from the perspective of Catholic social thought.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Michelle, Susan, and Nathan
SRS Contributing Editors