November 09, 2005

and God created chaos

World is 'intelligent project' that reflects divine origin, pope says
VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Pope Benedict XVI said that far from being a product of chance the created world is an "intelligent project" that reflects a divine origin. The pope made the remarks at a general audience at the Vatican Nov. 9, commenting about Psalm 136, which gives thanks for creation. The pope quoted St. Basil the Great, who in the fourth century warned that some people, "fooled by the atheism that they carry inside them, imagine the universe deprived of direction and order, as if at the mercy of chance." Speaking extemporaneously to the crowd in St. Peter's Square, the pope said St. Basil's words had "surprising relevance" today. "How many people are there today who, fooled by atheism, think and try to demonstrate that it would be scientific to think that everything is without direction and order," he said.

But what if God created the chaos and let it go, excited to see what happens with the randomness of creation? I honestly have never had a problem with believing in the theory of evolution with the understanding that this was how God chose to create the world. Past generations made sense of it in terms of "days" and their own understanding. In our time we understand it through science. Who knows what new insights future generations will come to. But God as the architect of creation, whether by a methodical use of evolution or even chaos theory, makes sense to me. Made sense to me in 3rd grade. Makes sense to me now.

Just a thought….. And I love how they point out that he spoke "extemporaneously". For the record, so am I!