November 05, 2005

That Baptist from Plains

I'm watching Jimmy Carter on NOW and he's talking about how the U.S. only gives 16 cents for every $100 to foreign aid and development. Far below other industrialized countries.

"It's very difficult for the American people to believe that our government, one of the richest on Earth, is also one of the stingiest on Earth," he says


But instead of relying only on shame, Carter points out that while many Americans struggle with their own problems, then are generous in helping out as best they can. He believes that if Americans understood how much a little bit goes a long way in the developing world, they would be more than willing to bump up our giving to 60 cents or even a buck per $100.

He also mentions that he wished he knew what he knows now about poverty in the world when he was in the White House. Talks about how his concern for the poor comes from his Christian faith. At one point, David Brancaccio says something about Carter sitting next to a sex worker during a discussion while on a tour of Africa. Carter says that didn't at all conflict with being a Christian as that sex worker needed to be treated with dignity as a human being and indeed, is an important player in any discussion of AIDS. Even talks about how he does not believe abortion is something that Jesus would favor.

Sigh. Man, can't Jimmy Carter run for President again? I mean, he was only president for one term, so constitutionally there wouldn't be a problem...