December 06, 2005

2 takes on the instruction

From the Leadership Council of Women Religious:

“The Leadership Conference of Women Religious agrees with the document’s claim that candidates for ordination to the priesthood need to have reached an appropriate level of ‘affective maturity.’ The conference, however, also believes that this standard must be applied to all candidates for ordination, whether they are heterosexual or homosexual, and that persons of either orientation can minister effectively within the church as ordained priests.

LCWR thanks the men and women of homosexual orientation who have served and who continue to serve the church faithfully as members of religious communities and as ordained priests. Their presence in the church is a blessing and a witness of God’s mysterious gift of sexuality.”

From the Religious Formation Conference:

“What is of utmost importance in the letter is the call for sexual maturity and the ability of the candidate to priesthood (or religious life) to be able to be a mature human being, capable of living celibately; in fact, to become affectively mature through celibate living.”