March 02, 2006

Pro-Life, Pro-Family . . . Anti-Adoption?

I have an article in the March/April edition of Whosoever, discussing the anti-gay adoption bill recently introduced into the Ohio House of Representatives. In the article, I write:

It is clear that the fight against H.B. 515 is not just a fight for GLBT Ohioans and our straight allies. The fight against H.B. 515 must be fought by all Ohioans who believe that pro-life and pro-family values mean opening every available home with loving and willing families to Ohio's adoptive and foster children. The fight against H.B. 515 must be fought not only by secular liberals and liberal people of faith, but by all individuals and all people of faith who are unwilling to throw Ohio's children away: either in abortion clinics, or in an adoptive and foster care system that will become a bottomless pit from which some of Ohio's children will never emerge.

I hope you'll check it out and let me know what you think. If you like the article, feel free to share it with others. I also want to thank Damien Scott (Damien's Spot) and G.B. (Geek Boi - Uncensored) for proofreading the article for me and offering their thoughts.